Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means ‘womb’ or ‘uterus’. If you imagine the experience of a baby in-utero, you might imagine the experience of being simultaneously aware of events in the external world while also remaining untouched by them. There is a sense of internalization in the quality of awareness, a type of awareness that is soothing for both mind and body.

This is the very quality that yoni mudrais responsible for creating within the body and mind of the yogi. Regular practice of yoni mudra has the power to quiet the mind, calm and stabilize the nervous system and redirect our attention deep within.

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Yoni mudra is said to represent the womb of the goddess, Kali, a place filled with possibility and mystery. One of Kali’s primary responsibilities is to sever us from our ego and its attachments. It invokes the primal energy of the womb as the source of creation.

The downward point of the triangle that the hands make represents the downward flow of energy in the spine, responsible (as Shakti – the goddess - is) for our ability to manifest. This downward flow of energy is also one of the primary qualities of apana vayu (one of the five primary movements of energy within the body, concentrated in the lower abdomen, responsible for our ability to eliminate waste from food, but also waste in the form of outdated or limiting beliefs and the opinions of others).

How to do yoni mudra

There are several different variations of yoni mudra. We will focus on just one of them here:

Place the palms of the hands together with the fingers and thumbs straight and pointing away from the body.

Focus just on the middle, ring and little fingers. Roll them inward, until each one is bent at the big knuckle and the backs of the fingers are touching. When they are, interlace those fingers.

Make sure the pads of the thumbs and index fingers are still touching. Keep them touching as you pull the thumbs away from the index fingers. Point the index fingers towards the ground.

Benefits of yoni mudra

Interlocking the middle, ring and little fingers has the effect of merging the energy circuits of the left and right hands, which helps to balance the activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Pressing the index fingers and thumbs together also promotes the flow of energy (prana) between left and right sides of the body, which causes the body and mind become more still and stable during meditation. By pressing the thumbs and index fingers together and interlacing the other fingers, energy that would otherwise be disbursed through hands and fingers continues to be circulated within the body. Arising from this, a deeper sense of concentration and greater level of energetic sensitivity emerges.